Monica Salvo y Pamela Del Canto Dance performance


8/23/20231 min read

Monica started dancing Chilean folklore when she was 7 years old in her native Chile being the youngest member of the cast of an acclaimed performing group in Santiago made up of 70 dancers, showcasing dances from Northern Chile. At that early age, she experienced dancing in Santiago’s National Performing Arts Theatre, Teatro Municipal.

She continued her participation in the Chilean folklore dance scene in Toronto when she moved to Canada with her family at 13 years old, dancing with The Toronto Chilean Society and then eventually becoming one of the directors and choreographers of Grupo Chile, performing in venues from across Ontario.

She received her certification as Traditional Dance and Culture Instructor in 2022 from the BAFONA Academy (Chile’s National Folkloric Ballet), recognized by Chile’s Ministry of Heritage and Culture,

Monica has danced in Santiago in prestigious folkloric dance groups such as: Pregon Criollo and most recently Agrupacion Artistica Sentires. She currently holds workshops teaching Chile’s National Dance, La Cueca, to the Chilean community living in Toronto, and is the Artistic Director of newly formed dance ensemble Raices de Chile.

Desde el año 2009 ha trabajado en distintos escenarios del ámbito teatral y musical chileno. Como actriz, en diversas compañias independientes de teatro; y en la música, como fundadora, intérprete y productora del grupo de cuecas bravas Las Niñas, con las cuales grabó dos discos apoyado por Fondart, recorriendo distintos escenarios de Santiago y de Chile.